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Artist Statement

Teaching high school art for the past thirty years in southwest Virginia has given me many opportunities to expose students to art and teach them to create their own. I have always considered myself an art teacher, not an artist. This past school year, I realized some of my students were attending the colleges they had dreamed of since elementary school. Although some students are following family tradition, many are the first generation to further their education.

As tribute to the various colleges and the students who will be attending them, I began painting wine bottles and putting college scenes on the labels. I have always had a fascination with light reflecting on glass, and painting bottles allows me the opportunity to experiment.

Before I begin a painting, I question students and graduates about their campus. College students and alumni are proud of their college traditions and carry the experience close to their hearts. The tone of their voice and the gleam in their eyes help me select the subjects and wording for the labels.

Education has been my life’s career and to reflect a former students success through a painting is rewarding. Now as an educator who is also an artist, I am finding great pleasure in providing students with unique keepsakes of their college experiences.